What can you expect to find at Tejita Street Market?

At La Tejita Street Market you will find a unique natural setting and a new shopping street concept that lives up to the wonderful location in which it has the good fortune and privilege to be situated. You will find shops, bars, cafés and restaurants, many serving cuisine from different parts of the world, but which have kept the local spirit and service. You will find people who may have difficulty speaking your language but who will nevertheless try. In short, you will find the true essence of Tenerife Island in this little shopping street.

What can you expect NOT to find at Tejita Street Market?

At La Tejita Street Market, you will not find large department stores, huge multinational corporations selling their products and services or gigantic advertising billboards. We have nothing against these kinds of outlets;
they’re just not our style!

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If you would like to learn more about the shopping centre, have a suggestion to make or are interested in opening an outlet in the centre, come visit us at La Tejita Street Market and we’ll be delighted to assist you!